Front Garden Makeover

This front garden was in need of some sprucing up. We pruned the cedars to give some more sunlight to the front garden. Weeds, leaves and rotten fence was removed and new soil, mulch and plants were brought in. This area was truly transformed!

Transitioning from Front Lawn to Front Garden

This garden was a full transition from a basic green front lawn to a colourful garden accented with larger rocks to create a forest feel. All plants planted were partial shade to full shade plants to accommodate the lack of sun that hits this garden. This included Zinnias, Japanese Andromeda, Astilbe, to name a few. 

Messy Edge to Defined Edge

By installing a rail tie raised bed to this client front garden makes their walkway more safe and accessible. This also helps retain the soil and plants in the upper level garden.

New Fence 

Our client wanted to Spruce Up their backyard by replacing their old, rotten fence. 

Full Clearing and New Planting

This client was ready to move from a basic green lawn to a blooming and booming perennial garden.

The Outdoor Shower

This narrow backyard was overgrown with a unsightly wall at the back that had to stay as is. The garden now has a perennial plant bed bordered with rail ties, a grass children's play area and an entertaining space with lighting and power for music. We built cedar fences and planted vines and ivy for colour and texture. The watering system cuts down on work required and in case  when it gets too hot, we built a shower.

No Green Space? No Problem!

Our clients longed for their own garden but, purchased a house with no green space in the back yard. For this project we cut through the wooden patio and created a border of garden space. The design and depth means the garden will come back year after year rather than freezing like ordinary planter boxes

Backyard Makeover

This backyard was a complete overhaul that involved stonework, fence building, sodding and planting. The old shed was destructed, the grass was removed and the driveway/old stone patio was replaced. 

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